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Sage 7 Chakra Smudge with Rose Petals 4in

Sage 7 Chakra Smudge with Rose Petals 4in

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The Seven Chakra Sage Smudge with Rose Petals is white sage and 7 different rose petals.

According to ancestral traditions, sage purifies our energy, the soul and also eliminates bad energies. Sage is widely used, present and popular in spiritual purification rituals.

Fumigation is used and practiced traditionally by Native Americans to purify places, objects and people also under the name of (SMUDGE).

Use: Light one end of the stick with a candle or match and place on a receptacle or other (always resistant to heat and ashes). Let the flame catch on the end and then extinguish the fire (as with incense). Make sure to always turn off the Smudge after your ritual is complete.

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